[Solved] Blogger Saving Error Fixed – Add Google Tag Manager to Blogger Error Resolved

In this article we will discuss, how to add Google tag manager to blogger and resolve the problem of saving in blogger error. Google tag manager container code shows an error, when we paste it in the blogger html code and in this article main part of our discussion, will be about how to fix Google tag manager error in blogger.  Here is detail about Google tag manager if you do not know it.

What is Google Tag Manager?

Google Tag Manager is a system that allows, through a single code, to replace most of the tags of web analytics and monitoring of paid advertising campaigns (SEM). We are, therefore, faced with a system that seeks to simplify the measurement of SEM campaigns, the monitoring of visits and other issues such as the test A / B test analysis, which is a functionality that will be available shortly.

Operations of Tag Manager

To configure Tag Manager we have to take the following steps:

First, we have to access the online tool Google Tag Manager, whose interface, after the latest changes, is quite intuitive.

Once there, we can configure a container frame, which is a <script> code that is placed immediately after the opening of the <body> of a web page.

With these two steps we will substitute with a single code all the labels that we were previously forced to insert one by one.

Some of the tags that can currently be integrated into the same code using the Google Tag Manager are:

Google Analytics

Google Adwords




Among many others. The approach of Google is to add more progressively…

The advantages of Google Tag Manager

Everything that means simplifying things in the design and operation of a website is welcome, since it adds an extra extra of agility, speed and fluidity to work. In this sense, Google’s label manager has advantages such as:

Make tracking Google Analytics, updated with all kinds of new features, very easily and almost automatically, minimizing the need to insert new codes.

Facilitate the implementation of Adwords remarketing campaigns.

Streamline the controls of online advertising campaigns.

Eliminate the dependence of web development providers to implement any change in the labels, either insert new or eliminate those that no longer serve us.

Facilitate the work of agencies, queries or companies that are dedicated to web analytics, online marketing and / or web development, since with this system it is very easy to carry out the control and maintenance of codes of many websites.

The Google Tag Manager is a very novel system these days. we can say that it is still in a phase of testing and knowledge by the professionals of web programming and online marketing. Its interface and operation is still set. so changes are frequent. In addition, it is not a finished project. but since more labels and functionalities are being added.

In any case, its reception is very good and it is expected that, once established and generalized, this Google Tag Manager will become an excellent and widely used tool to streamline the processes and execution times of online marketing campaigns.

Obviously, it is not the same job to have to change labels one by one every time we want to introduce some modification at the level of analysis and advertising tools in one or more web pages, which can be done directly with the generation of a single code.

Add Google Tag Manger to Blogger.

On the time of saving your Google Tag Manger Code in Blogger. you may see an error of saving in your HTML template. You can easily fix this issue by very simple method. See below lines to understand the error and solution.

You will see the following error and you can easily fix this error by simply by making a little change in code.

Add Google Tag Manager to Blogger
Add Google Tag Manager to Blogger

Search for the following line of code in google tag manger container code.


Simply replace above code with following line of code.


Now again try to save the template, it will be saved without any error.

That’s all. Thanks.

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