14 Best Books to Get Over a Breakup

What are the Best Books to Get Over a Breakup? : Getting over a breakup is always a difficult process. It is a path in which the person must learn to live without the other, reorganize her life and focus it differently. On many occasions, we can lean on our environment and start new projects that help us with this change, but literature can also help us overcome and turn the page in difficult times.

Best Books to Get Over a Breakup

So, in this article, we want to suggest you 14 Best Books to Get Over a Breakup.

1. Learn From Loss

Without a doubt, one of the best books to overcome a love breakup. This story talks about the reconstruction of meanings and the transformation after having suffered a loss , considered this as a death, the loss of a job, the breakup of a couple, etc.

In fact, each chapter of the book deals with a different theme of loss. The book contains real stories and exercises that allow the person to give another meaning to the duel due to the sentimental breakup. In this article, we tell you how to overcome sadness after a breakup.

2. How to make good things happen to you

Another of the psychology books to overcome a breakup is this book by Marián Rojas that invites you to have a proactive role in making good things happen to you in life. It enhances the person’s capacities for a full and happy existence. It is a didactic book full of advice that can be very useful when it comes to overcoming a breakup.

3. Flexible Happiness

Jenny Moix’s flexible happiness book talks about mindsets, each person depending on their personality, their environment, their studies, etc. According to the author, each one has some mental schemes that build our way of thinking and therefore our way of seeing and perceiving love relationships.

The purpose of this book is to make these schemes more flexible in order to see things from another perspective. In the face of a love breakup, our mental schemes, our ideas of love or how it should have been can play tricks on us. Therefore, this is one of the self-help books to overcome a breakup that can help turn the way we see things 180 degrees.

4. Days without you

One of the recommended books to overcome a breakup is Days without you. It is a novel by Elvira Sastre that talks about love through a grandmother and her grandson. She talks about truncated love, about the warmth of love and the coldness that is felt when it is truncated. This book reflects very well the melancholy that can be felt when seeing that your love leaves your arms. It is not a didactic book, but it contains stories that help to think and reflect on love and lovesickness .

5. A Backpack for the Universe

How to get over a love breakup? Through a series of questions, Elsa Punset offers a guide to various routes that go through different human emotions in order to better understand everything that surrounds us and to recognize our own emotions and, in turn, discover the importance that they have. in the relationship with others.

6. Alone: ​​Discover the pleasure of being with you

Silvia Congost’s book talks about what people often want to hide: vulnerability . It is a book that allows you to be alone with your thoughts and establish a dialogue with them, reconcile yourself with loneliness and understand it as a form of emotional maturity. Among the books to overcome a love breakup, this one breaks with the preconceived ideas of not having a partner and invites the fear of loneliness to have a coffee with you.

7. The Auschwitz Dancer

If we talk about how to overcome a couple breakup, it is highly recommended to read the Auschwitz dancer. A true story of Edit Edger that talks about overcoming and the ability of the human being to face adversity. Edit Edger at the age of sixteen experienced one of the greatest human tragedies: going to a concentration camp, where her two parents were killed and she saved her life thanks to her passion for dance.

Despite being a very hard book, it is recommended that you read it once in your life. The humanity it hides and the message it conveys are so powerful that when you finish reading it you will have a feeling that no one can take away who you are. The message of the book is very clear: only you have the ability to escape from the prisons that you build for yourself in your mind . We can always choose to be free despite our circumstances.

8. I already said goodbye to you, now how can I forget you: A guide to get your ex out of your head

How to overcome a breakup of a couple of many years? This book by Walter Riso offers a series of strategies to overcome the duel of breaking up a couple. It offers a journey through all the phases of mourning until the acceptance of the new reality, always with the following premise as a flag: respect for oneself and find one’s own life goals and projects.

In addition, it speaks of the effect of time to heal and overcome the breakup, but it also invites proactivity to help time. In short, it is one of the best books to overcome heartbreak.

9. How to get over a thought break

This is one of the best books to get over a breakup. It is written by the psychologist and coach Patricia Córdoba Álvarez. It is a guide that offers answers to the whys and wherefores that arise after the end of a relationship, without looking for any blame. The book gives tools to manage pain , without denying it, since this is inevitable in any breakup. It offers alternatives to self-destructive thoughts and gives the opportunity to learn from the breakup and come out of it stronger.

10. The message of tears: A guide to overcome the loss of a loved one

An example that cannot be missing from this list of books to overcome a couple breakup. Alba Payás in this book gives a series of basic guidelines to manage the duel and recover our balance. Specifically, she helps the pain transform into gratitude for the moments shared with the person who is no longer by our side. In addition, she helps to repair the pain , to say goodbye in a kind way and to say hello to everything that is to come. In short, it helps if you wonder what to do in case of a love breakup.

11. The good thing about having a bad day: How to take care of our emotions to be better

How to accept a couple breakup? This book by Anabel González aims to break with proverbs as harmful as bad weather good face. This book vindicates the importance of bad weather not having to make a good face. That being bad, sad and crying is necessary and is part of life

All emotions should be cared for equally. In the same way that you have to put a good face on good weather and know how to enjoy it. This book offers an emotional survival guide to know how to recognize all emotions and not hide them. That is the key to a happier world.

12. Start loving yourself: Quick and Easy Keys to overcome a couple breakup

If we talk about books to overcome a love break, in this book, Alícia Cercadillo offers a guide where the ultimate goal is for you to be aware that you are your own savior. It is a book that aims to give self-confidence to achieve great achievements. To do this, she makes a previous explanation of the patterns that lead people to act in different ways in different situations in their lives. It is of great help to overcome anxiety about the breakup of a couple.

13. Stories to love each other better

How to get over a love breakup? Despite being a book for boys and girls, it is no less educational and useful. This book by Álex Rovira, through a series of stories, aims to illustrate different life situations where our way of being will determine how we face things and how we resolve them.

It is one of the self-help books on love that empowers and makes you think , in turn, it is accompanied by some cards that help to understand and reflect on each of the stories.

14. My Journey Without You: What We Wanted To Be And We Didn’t Go

What to do after a couple breakup? In this book by Alejandro Sequera, the story of Vespertine is told between poems and narratives. The story speaks of the backpack of the past, of the hope of the future despite the backpack, of fear, loneliness, emptiness, but also of spiritual strength. It is one of the books to overcome a love break that makes a journey to our interior to finally realize that each ending is a new beginning .

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