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In this page we are going to tell you about 5 best driver download site .s for computer driver download. You can download drivers for any computer from these sites because these websites are updating time to time as a new version of driver software is launched. It is very important to install updated drivers because older versions of drivers do not correctly work. So it is very important to download updated and new version of drivers for your pc or peripherals devices like printer and scanner etc.

Best Driver Download Site Which I would like to recommend you.

I would like to recommend you the 5 best driver download sites. You can get advantages and method to computer driver download for each website below in this article. To download driver software for your computer or laptop, first you need to get information about manufacturer and model of your device.

Note: First check the model number and manufacturer of device to computer driver download.

5 best driver download sites to computer driver download

These are the best driver download sites to download computer driver software.

Official Website Of Product 1st Best Driver Download Site.

One important thing you must always remember is to download driver from the manufacturer’s site unless they are not available there. Because downloading drivers from manufacturer’s site ensure that you downloading latest released driver and that it is not a virus.

If you could not find the required driver from official website you can try to find the drivers from one of the best driver download site below in this article. I am clearing up the short intro of each best driver download site and its approach of downloading all drivers for windows. Check all the computer driver download sites one by one if you do not find the required driver in one website. The method to find and download driver from each website is explained below.

DriverGuide 2nd Best Driver Download Site.


DriverGuide is very popular and reliable website for all computer driver download. It has more driver software for PC and other devices than other websites on internet. It is being updated with new driver software’s on regularly basics. It is most trusted computer driver download site than other sites on internet.

Download Process of DriverGuide

It uses an application known as driver installer to install driver software on computer and laptop etc. Sometimes it is very difficult to differentiate among driver links and sponsors link. One of the main drawbacks of using Driver Guide is that it has so many limitations for the free users. It is best if you are a paid user.

Driver Guide offer you a very high-quality interface where you can search for your required driver by telling the Operation System type, version and model of the device. It also has an easy navigation tabs system to find the drivers by device model or OS version.

If you want to find the driver for 32 bit or 64 bit you can type the 32 or 64 bit and it will display only related drivers.

Magicdriver 3rd Best Driver Download Site.


In the Magic driver 3rd best driver download site the process of finding driver software is very simple and easy. It does not show advertisement with the search result of drivers. Main advantage of using magic driver is that it provide direct download link.


It has very less number of driver software.

Download Process

It provides a drop down list where we can select the devise model and manufacturer to download required driver software.

Note: if you see warning message to add a vote close it by click on OK and then you can choose the driver software to download.

Download.cnet 4th Best Driver Download Site.


Driver Software from download.cnet is downloaded without using and program or downloader. It provides us driver software which is virus free. It has options to search and download driver by operating system version.


The disadvantage of cnet is that it has very less number of drivers and more promotions as compared to website discussed above.

Download Process

You can download driver software from download.cnet by simply clicking the link on left side of website and typing category of driver.

Drivers.softpedia 5th Best Driver Download Site.


The advantage of downloading driver from DriverGuide is that it provide direct download link to computer driver download.


It has not as much of drivers as compared to earlier websites. It does not work well if we try to search drivers by using search option of the website.

Download Process

To download driver form driver.softpedia first you have select category from left side of the website and then you will select the manufacturer from right side of website and then search the required driver from result.

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