Best Tips: How to protect yourself from the coronavirus (COVID-19)

As you already know that Coronavirus (COVID-19) started from Wuhan city of China has spread all over the world. At this time nearly 200 countries are affected from this killing disease of Corona Virus.  Still there is no vaccine for this disease. You can only protect yourself by using some tips which different health organizations are giving after their studies about this New Corona Virus. In this article I will share some best tips to follow to control the spread of Corona Virus and protect you from this killing disease. These tips are taken from some recent studies and experiments on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Hope you will be able to protect yourself from this danger disease by following these tips.

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, people struggle to find ways to protect themselves from disease. Good hygiene and social distancing are two main tactics. You must be very series for these two factors. Some other tips to follow to protect you from the coronavirus (COVID-19) are as follows.

Wash Your Hands

It is well known fact that this virus mostly spread through hands. You can become the victim of this virus, if you touch something which was affected from this virus. Virus will enter inside you through your mouth, nose, ears or eyes, if you touch any of these with virus effected hands. You can’t see the virus is on your hand or not, so the best way to protect you is to wash hands after every two hours with soap or clean with alcohol based sanitizers. Also wash your hands before you touch your nose, eyes, ears or mouth.

Stay at Home

Staying at home is the best way to protect you and your family from this dangerous virus. Whole world is currently in lockdown state due to this COVID-19. You must stay at home and go out only if it is very necessary. Experts have suggested only way to defeat this virus by staying at home, because it can spread quickly due to people interaction. So it is very important to maintain social distancing for your life and your family.

Wear Mask (if you go outside)

As we already know, this virus enter in human body through mouth and nose, we must cover nose and mouth. We can cover the nose and mouth by using a face mask, when we have to go outside or to the public places. If you wear the face mask, there will be fewer chances to be effected by this virus.

Follow local public health guidelines

You must strictly follow the local public health guidelines. Govt. of each country is providing some guidelines to their citizen to be saved from this dangerous Coronavirus (Covid-19). These guidelines are provided by experts after different experiments in the locality. It is advised to strictly follow your Government’s order and guidelines to fight with this Noval Corona Virus.

Boost your immune system

It is very important for you to know, that if you have a strong immune system then there are less chances to become the victim of this CoronaVirus. It is proved form the recent studies on this virus, that people having strong immune system defeat this virus. Most of deaths reported are of those persons who are older than 50 years and less than 5 years. This is because in these ages immune system is not strong enough to fight with any incoming disease. You can also be affected even if you are not too young or too old because of weak immune system. If you boost your immune power, than chances to become dead are fewer for you through this virus. You can boost your immune power by eating the health meals and fruits. You can find the name of some immune booster items on internet easily.

Take Steam (if have Cough or Sneezing)

Taking steam is very important if you are affected from this virus. Chines experts have said that this virus hates to hot water and steam taken inside with breath. If you take steam for 15 to 20 minutes after each 4 hours then there are very high chances that virus will automatically killed inside you. You have to boil the water or milk if possible and take steam from it after each 4 hours.

Drink Tea

Experts have said that taking tea is very important and effective for the patients of CoronaVirus (COVID-19). A Chines doctor has said that tea is very best for the patients of Corona Virus.

Try to stay calm

In addition to your physical fitness, you should take care of your mental health. High stress can take a toll on your immune system, which is the reverse of what you want in this condition.

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