How To Block Windows 10 Update – Remove Windows 10 Update

Blocking windows update become very imperative if you are working in an office or in an organization where you have to perform many quick operations. In this case, if your computer’s window is not configured as disabled for updates, it can disturb you and can waste a lot of your time to complete the updates. So you must disable windows update. In this page you will learn two best ways to block windows 10 update permanently. By using these methods you will be able to remove windows 10 update easily and quickly.

How to Block Windows 10 Update Permanently

Let’s discuss about two best methods to block windows 10 update. So that your computer would not waste your time to automatically update. Two best methods to remove windows 10 update are explained below.

Note: I recommend you to watch the video at the end of this article on how to block windows 10 update.

Process 1: Block Windows 10 Update

In 1st process we will stop the updates using the services option of windows. To block windows 10 update from services you have to go through following process.

  • First of all open the services window. The easiest method to open services window is through run command. Open the run command by using the combination of window+R shortcut key. After opening the run command type msc in the open text box and hit Enter. It will open the services window.
  • After opening the services windows scroll down in the right pane to find the windows update option.
  • Open the windows update option from the right pane by double clicking on it. It will open a new window with the name of Windows Update Property.
  • In windows update property click on stop button in Service status section and set the startup type to disable by clicking the dropdown list in right side of startup type label.
  • Now click on Apply button and then on Ok to close the windows.

Close all other windows also.

Process 2: Remove Windows 10 Update

In this process we will use the windows Console Root option to remove windows 10 update.  You have to go through the following process to remove windows 10 update.

  • First of all open the Console1 Open the run command by using the shortcut key of window+R. After opening the run command type mmc in the run command’s text box and hit Enter. It will open the Console1 window.
  • After opening the console1 go to file option and select Add/Remove Snap. Open it by clicking on it. A new window will appear with the name Add or Remove Snap.
  • Select Group Policy Object from left pane of window and open it by double clicking on it.
  • In new opening window click on finish button. Local Computer Policy option would be added to right pane of Add or Remove Snap Click ok to close the Add or Remove Snap window.
  • Now in Console1 window expand and go through the following options.

Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows components > Windows Update.

  • Click on Windows Update option and open Automatic Update Detection Frequency option by double clicking on it.
  • Set Automatic Update Detection Frequency to disabled and click on apply button to apply the changes.

Now close all open windows and restart your computer.

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