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CCleaner is an effective and lightweight utility program for Microsoft Windows.  It is used to clean up all temporary files, junk files, broken shortcuts, and all other problems in Windows operating system.  In this page you can CCleaner full version free download for your computer or laptop. Let’s download CCleaner latest version and clean up your computer from any type of problems. You can download cleaner app for pc from the download link at the end of this post.

CCleaner full version free download

Cleaner app for PC or CCleaner  on the internet.  This program cleans up all unnecessary files and browsing history.  So you can be more confident to use the internet securely. It also remove unnecessary or temporary files created by many software programs,  to  save the disk space on your device. CCleaner program’s name shows that it is used to clean up the system.   The first letter in the CCleaner word stands for “Crap”, which means to clean out.

Operations of CCleaner app for pc

Privacy And Security

It provides you the full privacy Control on a shared computer.   It delete all the passwords And temporary files on internet browsers to give you full privacy control.


Also enables the windows operating systems to run more smoothly by cleaning the registry files.

Disk space

This utility increases the space on disk drives by deleting unnecessary files. It also deletes the duplicate files after if it found on your computer.

Increase processing power

The cleaner app for pc can increase the processing speed of your computer by deleting the unused files. This program restricts the number of programs which are automatically run on boot up. So the booting time is decreased.

Download ccleaner latest version

You can download CCleaner latest version fom the download button at the end of this post. After ccleaner full version free download and installing on your computer you will be more secure. And you would experience the increase in the boot up speed and also increase in processing power in different software programs.


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