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How To Create Blogger Sitemap – Create Sitemap For Blogger For Search Engines

In this article we will discuss how to how to create blogger sitemap easily. We will discuss about how to create sitemap for blogger and submit it to Google and other famous search engines. Sitemap is submitted to tell the search engines what pages the site or blog have. So search engine can easily understand the contents of site and rank them more efficiently. Let’s discuss in detail about sitemap, its working and how to Create Blogger Sitemap. Create Sitemap For Blogger For Search Engines.

What is Sitemap

It is a tool that informs search engines if the individual pages on your site are new or updated and if the spiders can track them. The sitemap protocol consists of an XML file that includes the URLs of your website and three optional elements of additional information for each page:

  • How often a URL is updated.
  • Last time a URL was updated.
  • Priority of a URL related to other pages of the site.

Site maps help ensure that all new and hard-to-find pages are indexed quickly and completely, as well as that they are particularly exploited on websites that are difficult for search engines to crawl and index effectively. To benefit from having a site map on your website you should:

  • Modify it frequently.
  • Use Flash® Javascript to browse or show content.
  • Contain an extensive database or file of pages that could be accessed only through a search function.

How to Create Blogger Sitemap

Commonly for every site we have to create a page which contains all links to the site. Which tell the search engines about the content of the website. But for blogger you never need to make an extra page contains all links to the blog. Blogger provide a built in sitemap. You just need to get the url of your blog’s sitemap and simply submit it to search engines.

How to Get Sitemap Address

To get the sitemap address or url of the blogger blog follow this procedure.

Just after your blogs url add this link it will retrieve all the sitemap information automatically.


Example: www.your-blog-name.com/ atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500

Note: this sitemap is will good if you have less than 500 posts in your blog. If you have more than 500 posts you need to submit another sitmap for the next 500 posts and on ward.


Example: www.your-blog-name.com/ atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=501&max-results=500

Simply add the above code with your domain name and submit to the search engine. It’s an auto created sitemap by Google itself.

That’s all you done.

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