Fix Easily: Usb Ports Not Working Windows 10

USB ports not working windows 10 is a problem which may be occur after windows update. If  USB stopped working windows 10 after update, you can fix easily to it. In this article we will discuss different ways to resolve windows 10 usb not working after upgrade. You can choose the best way to resolve usb drive not working windows 10. Let’s see how to fix the windows 10 usb devices not working.

Method 1: Usb Ports Not Working Windows 10

Before changing the configuration settings in windows to resolve usb ports not working windows 10, first confirm that you USB device is properly working. You can check it by connecting it to any other computer or laptop. It is possible that your USB device dead at the same time when you upgraded your windows 10. So its recommended to check the USB device before altering to your windows configuration. If on the other computer your device is not working, you never need to change your windows configuration. The problem is with your USB device and not in the windows configuration.

Method 2: Windows 10 Usb Devices Not Working (only for Laptop)

After you have confirmed that your USB device is correctly functioning in the other computers or devices. You can use this second method to fix windows 10 usb devices not working. This is to check your power supply. As you now power supply provide the power to every connected device. In some cases it fails to provide the power to the usb ports, and ports stop working. Sometimes, this problem can be fixed very easily using this method.

  • Just unplug the power supply (battery) and charger from your laptep.
  • Press the power button and keep it pressed for 30 seconds without plugging the charger or battery.
  • After this connect the charger and battery. Turn on your laptop and now connect the USB device.

It may be work if it has the problem with power supply. Else, you have to use any other method.

Method 3: Usb Drive Not Working Windows 10

In this method to resolve usb drive not working windows 10, you have to check the power management system for the device. To resolve this issue through the power management system, you have to do this. Check if the window is not restricting your USB device or USB controller from using the power. Follow the steps to check if windows configurations are restricting or not.

First of all open the device manager by searching the “Device Manager” by typing in search field of the widows 10. Open the device manger by clicking on it.

In device manager window expand the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” branch by click on it.

Now double click on the first USB Root Hub in the expanded list. (If you have only one USB Root Hub device, it’s not a problem.)

When you will double click on USB Root Hub device it will open a new window. Click the Power Management tab in this window.

In Power management tab uncheck the option, “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”. And then click on OK.

If you have more than one “USB Root Hub” device in the list, follow the above process for all.

Method 4: Windows 10 Usb Not Working After Upgrade

In this method to resolve the issue windows 10 usb not working after upgrade, check the driver for the device. In some cases the USB device not work after the windows upgrade due to the missing device driver for the USB. To check if all the drivers are installed, just go to the device manger by searching in the search field of the windows 10. Open the device manager and expand the “Universal Serial Bus controllers”. Check if any device in the list has a yellow sign. If so you need to download and install the driver for that device.

Method 5: Usb Stopped Working Windows 10

If you have checked all the above methods to resolve usb stopped working windows 10. You can use this one. In this method you do not have to change any windows configuration. You have to check that if your computer’s or laptop’s usb ports are working. Check the hardware of your computer or laptop to confirm that your usb ports are properly functioning.

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