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Rufus 3.0 free download is available on this page. You can free download rufus full version which is rufus 3.0 download. Rufus is small and light weight utility software which is used to reformat the data cell in usb and can create the bootable usb drive. So you can easily install any windows operating system using the usb. Download rufus 3.0 and create a bootable usb of your required windows operating system. You need an image of the required window to make the bootable usb. You can free download rufus full version by visiting the download link at the end of this post.

What Is New In Rufus 3.0 Free Download?

Rufus 3.0 has following new features. Download rufus latest version has most out of previous version of features. And it also has so many new and improved features.

Device: Its device property will show the connected device or usb.

Boot Selection: It is used to select the ISO file of your required window.

Partition Scheme: It is used to select that you want to create the bootable usb for MBR or GPT file format.

Target System: Using this property you can choose the target system boot mode. BIOS or UEFI.

Volume Label: This property is used to show the volume label. And you can also change the volume label using this property.

File System: It used to select the file system as FAT, FAT32 or NTFS.

Cluster Size: This property is used to choose the cluster size.

Start Button: It used to start the processing of creation of bootable usb after selecting the all required elements.

How download rufus 3.0 free works.

The most of working of the rufus 3.0 is just like the previous version of rufus software. Besides the old features and working capabilities it has some new working capabilities also.

It uses an ISO image file as input and it copy that image file to usb and create the bootable usb. The image file can be created by using any of the CD burning application. But which I will recommend and I am personally using is the Magic ISO. After Creating the ISO image from any CD you can create the bootable USB of your required windows operating system.

Free Download Rufus Full Version

Let’s free download rufus full version which is the rufus 3.0 download. It is freely available for any type of user and you do not need and license. Anyone can distribute, or modify the software without getting any distribution license.


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