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Desktop icons are very important for any windows operating system, to easily interact with the device’s physical storage easily and quickly. In this article we are going to discuss how to show my pc on desktop windows 10. By default, only Recycle Bin is displayed on desktop when we install any version of windows operating system. So to access the physical storage of computer easily and quickly, we have to show desktop icons. Let’s see how to show this pc on desktop windows 10 . You have to go through the following procedure to enable desktop icons

Note: we recommend you to watch the video at the end of this article on how to Show This PC on Desktop Windows 10.

Before going to procedure you must check and make sure that your windows 10 is activated and is not a trial version. Because the windows, does not allow to customize the most of settings including desktop customization. So you must have an activated windows 10 operating system to be enabled to show my pc on desktop windows 10.

Procedure to show this pc on desktop windows 10

To show my pc on desktop windows 10 follow the step by step procedure below on how to show this pc on desktop in windows 10. Follow the step by step method.

  • Right Click anywhere in the empty space on the desktop. The context menu will appear.
  • Click on personalize option from context menu.
  • A new window will appear. Click on Themes option from the left side pane of the window.
  • From the new opening window open the Desktop Icon Settings below the Related settings section.
  • Desktop icon settings window will appear. Check all the required options and apply the settings and then click on ok to close the window.

Now you can check the desktop icons are available.

It’s all you have done.

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