Speed up Computer Windows 10 – Speed up Windows 10

Windows 10 provide latest features and advancement to the users but it have slow speed problem in some computers. We cannot add it in cons list of widows 10 because it is mostly due to low compatibility requirements. It does not mean that we must not use the windows 10, and miss the advance features provided by it. We can fix the slow speed of windows 10 by using the simple 4 Tips to speed up computer windows 10. These are very easy step, and after following these steps you can easily Speed up Windows 10. Here we will discuss about 4 Tips to speed up computer windows 10, after applying these settings and configuration you can Speed up Windows 10.

Speed up computer windows 10 – Speed up Windows 10.

We will use the following 4 tips to speed up computer windows 10. Let’s apply these settings one by one to Speed up Windows 10.

1.     Remove Animations

For each slight action performed by user Windows 10 show animations. Animations increase the burden on processors and decrease the processing speed of computer.

Go through the followings steps to disable animations in windows 10.

 Go to the Start Menu and select “System” from the menu.

Entering the system click on “Advanced System Configuration”

In new opening window Click “Advance” tab.  After it go to Performance Section and Click the “Configuration”.

Go through the “Visual Effects” tab where you will find many predefined options. We can allow and prevent the functions in this window.

It is ideal to use the last option but I would not recommended it personally using this option you would face difficulties in reading the letter on screen.

I would prefer to use “Customize” option and disable each and everything except “Smooth edges for the screen fonts”.

You can also customize the effects according to your needs.

2.     Disable Startup programs

Since the first launch of Microsoft windows it has the problem of running programs automatically on background during startup. At the time of startup (Windows Boot Up) some programs begin to run at background automatically. These programs share the resources of computer hardware and decrease the boot up speed of computer. 

It is important to stop these programs running automatically so all the resources will be used by system boot up process and it will start fast.

Follow the following steps to stop startup programs to Speed up Windows 10.

Go to start menu and search for “Task Manager” after finding it right click on it and select the option “Run as Administrator”.

After it click on “Start” tab. Here you can see the list of programs which automatically run on windows startup (Boot up).

First of all make sure you installed all program yourself. If find any program which was installed without your knowledge you must disable. You can disable these programs very easily by selecting the program and Clicking of “Disable” option in the right bottom.

To disable the programs which auto run at background on windows boot time, just go back to the task manager and open “Processes” tab.

In the process tab you will see all programs which are running. There load to memory and CPU can be checked by clicking on Memory and CPU columns. You can also check the network load in Network tab.

In network tab you can also check the program which is downloading in background and occupying the disk space. If you want to stop the process just selecting the process and clicking the finish task in bottom right.  

3.     Free up Disk Space

Sometimes our hard drive or other type of memory filled up and it cause the slow processing of computer system. System does not find any memory to create the temporary files which are necessary to work the system properly. We must free up disk space for system to work properly by removing all old temporary and unnecessary files.

To clean up the disk space in your system, go through the following steps.

Go to the computer to see all the partitions of hard disk and other storage.

Right click on a disk or “partition” to which you want to clean and go the properties. You will see the available disk space in general tab. Select “Disk Clean Up” to clean the disk space of this particular drive.

A window will open to confirm which parts you want to delete. You will select unnecessary parts, and then click on “Clean System files”.

A new window will appear. Here we will select the parts which we want to delete.

It will remove all unnecessary files from the disk.  

4.     Avoid Indexing of files

Content Indexing is an old feature and it also affected the performance of windows 7, that’s why we must eliminate it to increase the performance of computer system. By using the functionality of content indexing we can easily find the files by searching them. It has its bad effect on speed and performance of computer system therefore we must disable this functionality.

Go through the following steps to avoid indexing of files to Speed up Computer Windows 10.

Go to the computer and right click on hard disk partition or any other memory like SSD card, and go to properties.

In the property window, disable “Allow files on this drive to have indexed content in addition to file properties” box.

In the properties, uncheck “Allow files on this drive to have indexed content in addition to file properties” check box.

Click on OK button, a new pop widow will appear to confirm that you want to disable the indexing in all subfolders in checked.

Accept this option; System will take few moments to change the settings.

It is to be noted that you must close all files otherwise you may see an error message that file are in use. But still you can complete the process you can skip these files to complete the process.

That’s all we done.

Which method you are using to improve windows 10 performance?

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