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VLC 200 Volume Free Download is available on this page for everyone. Enjoy VLC Media Player 200 Volume Free Download from its original website by using Download button provided in this article. VLC is a multimedia player freely available to public by its developer. We are providing you direct link of its original developer’s website where you can download vlc 200 volume free. VLC is available for popular mobile devices too. These devices include iPhone, Android and desktop operating systems like mac and windows. VLC Player 200 Volume Free Download and install it on your device to increase your media volume up to 200%. VLC media player can play any audio and video file formats. You can play any type of audio and video file by using this amazing tool.

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If you have to run any type of audio or video file format on your computer or mobile device, vlc 200 volume is the best choice. Let’s VLC 200 Volume Free Download and enjoy it’s features.


VLC Media Player 200 Volume has many amazing features which you may enjaoy. Let’s discuss different features of VLC Media Player.

  • It Support any type of video file, discs, web camera, and online streaming.
  • Play most out of codecs without using any codec pack.
  • It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, UNIX, IOS and Android devices also.
  • No ads are served in any part of this player; it is freely available for every user.
  • Custom skins can be added to customize the look of VLC media player.
  • Sport the installation of extensions.

Some Other Features

Video Conversion

Video should be downloaded before it is converted to any other format to play it on any device of your choice. VLC can do this efficiently.

From toolbar, click on Media > Convert / Save.

In the Open Media dialog box, click Add button and choose the media file to convert. Then, click on Convert / Save dropdown > Convert.

Open the dropdown menu for Profile and select the file format to which you want to convert your file. You can click on the gear icon next to it and edit the selected profile.

Click on Browse and choose a location to save the converted file. Then, click on Start to perform the conversion and monitor its progress in the bar.

Music Equalizer

You may not be aware that VLC is a cross platform standalone media player that brings full audio effects with playlist support. This media player not only display cover art for the media but it also have a pretty nice graphic equalizer trucked away inside it.

You can display it using the short key Ctrl + E (or by going to Tools > Effects and Filters > Audio Effects). You can adjust the sound quality using available presets, or can fine tune it using Equalizer, Compressor and Stabilizer tabs.

Audio Normalization to Protect Ears

Common audio settings for VLC Media Player are located under preferences. One main feature is Audio Normalization which helps to optimize the volume of any media. It fixes amount and improve the quality of audio.

To access it go to Tools > Preferences > Audio > Enable Normalize volume to.

Here you can set the value to adjust the decibel levels of dialog, explosions, music, gunshots etc. in the videos you watch. VLC needs restart after enabling the setting.

Internet Radio and Podcast support

VLC media player meet all your needs as it can play all your audios and podcasts as well. One slightly used features of VLC is its ability to find and play internet radio.

To open VLC Media Player radio, launch VLC and open the Playlist sidebar.

Under Internet, you can browse using two radio servers—Jamendo and Icecast—and select a station of your choice by clicking on it. Also, make it sure that the Playlist view mode is set to List (Go to View > Playlist View Mode > List).

If you don’t find your desired radio in list, you can use station’s URL to stream radio via VLC.

To open it Go to Media > Open Network Stream. Enter URL and press Play in order to begin the radio.

To play podcasts in VLC Media Player, You can manage your favorite podcasts via the same Playlist interface. You just go to Playlist and under Internet section, select Podcasts. As your cursor is over the Podcasts section, click the plus sign. Copy and paste the RSS feed URL of the podcast you wish to listen and click on OK. The podcast will be added to sidebar and you can pick the episode which you want to listen.

Loop Audio or Video Part

Most of media player have the feature to loop an entire video or audio sound, but VLC Media Player provide the bonus of looping any specific part of a media file.

To do this, open video or audio file in VLC. Go to View > Advanced Controls. Now, some more buttons will be appear above the normal play and stop controls.

To start the loop for a specific part of loaded media file, move to the playhead, to the section where you want for loop to start.

After marking playhead at specific location, The “A” mark on the button will change to red. To specify the finish of your loop, take it to the end and click the same button again. After it both A and B points will turned to red. After it you will play the video and it will loop inside the selected section.

This is very handy feature if you want to review an how-to video or any audio file to understand it properly.

Adding Add-one and Extensions in VLC Media Player

VLC with its default features is enough for regular use. But if you want to add some extra functionality, you can use its catalog of add-ons. VLC has huge community of open source stuff behind it. It is helpful to create extensions, playlist parsers, skins and other assorted tools.

These extensions help you to add more “secret” features to the player, including tools which will help you search subtitles from the player by it. Extensions may also work in Linux and macOS, so you need to double check the instructions on the add-on’s page.

To access the add-ons feature, open VLC add-ons page and browse through the two views-Top or Latest.

Click on download button on add-ons page and extract the zip after downloading the zip file.

On Windows, place the .lua files in the provided directory.

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\vlc\lua\extensions folder.

After it restart the VLC media player. You will be able to access all your extension from the View menu.

Working of vlc 200 volume free download

VLC 200 Volume Free Download sports many hotkeys to easily interact with media files.  It can be controlled using keyboard without touching the mouse. You can run most out of video farmers without converting them. This media player sports tv capture video file formats. Vlc media player has a great feature of adding subtitles of any video. By using the feture of subtile, you can easily understand the video if it is in a foreign language.  You can easily use the feature of subtitles in vlc media player; it just need to put the SRT file in folder where you have kept the video file. You can customize the look of vlc media player by downloading a new skin for it from the internet. Let’s download vlc player new version and vlc media player 200 volume free download.

vlc player 200 volume free download

Videolan.org officially launched this media player. It is totally free to the every user, and it can play about every video format.

Follow the link below and VLC media player latest versions free download.

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