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Howdy Viewers,

Welcome to TheSmartInfromer.com, your choice for learn and become successful. Here you can learn Computer Science, Online Earning, Blogging, Youtube, Amazing and Motivational Business Ideas and much more. We cover most of learning technical material. So you can say it a tech website.

My name is Muhammad Fakhar Ali and you can call me an entrepreneur, blogger or Youtuber. You can also call me a communal specialized who is willing to learn and share. I never want to work only, I want to enjoy my work. I have a Youtube Channel were I share my knowledge in mainly Urdu language. But I am eager to share my knowledge with the entire world. I found the English as a best language to share knowledge with the whole world. So I am sharing knowledge on this website mainly in English language for the whole world.

About Website:

If I discuss about this website I am posting worth content on thesmartinformer.com and desire to help others as per my capabilities.

The other important thing for which I was inspired to launch my website is Money. As you know, every person on the Earth need money to live his life easily and smoothly. So I realized blogging is the best way to generate income.

About Me:

My name is Muhammad Fakhar Ali, an entrepreneur which is doing blogging, youtube publishing & Digital Marketing.

I born in a village near Basirpur a small town in Okara district of Punjab Pakistan, I have completed my graduation in Computer Science, and now I am proceeding to next level degrees.

I wish to learn more and more and to share more and more with my viewers. So I do research work in most of time in my daily routine.

Beside my interest in learning technological facts I am also keen to do farming. As I am a villager so in my spare time I do farming in my small lawn in house and sometime I go out for it. It improves my physical level and I am motivated to do more research work in return from farming.

Future Plane:

I have planed to setup an office in my village in next two years, to provide job with good salary to unemployed youngsters in my village. So my villagers would be able to get the benefits of my research in near future. I wish for my self and for others to be successful in their business. May Good give Success to all of my viewers, so i will also be succeed because my vision is to make my viewers successful.

Best of Luck.

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