Tips for Minimal makeup over 60 || Natural makeup for mature ladies

Minimal makeup over 60:
Janice and her two twin brothers retired to Ecuador a few years ago. I had the wonderful fortune to meet and become friends with a joyful lot. We start a discussion about Minimal makeup over 60 years Women and Natural makeup for mature ladies, Janice reminds me of a cheerful faery that spreads joy-dust wherever she goes, happily including my film studio.

Minimal makeup over 60 || Natural makeup for mature ladies
Minimal makeup over 60 || Natural makeup for mature ladies

Janice has always lived by the mantra “if it’s not fun, don’t do it.” Combine that attitude with a smoky eye, silver glitter makeup, lip gloss, and fluffed-up wavy hair,¬† With that in mind, these five steps to glamour are simple to follow and can help you lose a few years (always a good thing). Let’s get glammed up!

Top 3 Skin Care Products for Minimal makeup over 60 and Natural makeup for mature ladies

To have beautiful skin, you don’t need ten skincare products; in fact, you only need three. The most effective active substances for your skin are oil-soluble vitamin C (not water-soluble like l-ascorbic acid), retinol or vitamin A, and hyaluronic acid.

In a nutshell, vitamin C is a nourishing antioxidant, brightener, and hydrator, whereas retinol promotes cell turnover, which results in fewer lines and wrinkles and, ultimately, better skin health. Finally, Hyaluronic Acid is a natural plumping agent that, when taken consistently, imparts a young shine.
I utilized vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and fulvic acid as a transducer of the other substances for Janice. The video shows the immediate impact of these goods on her skin.

Mask any discoloration around your eyes to use Minimal makeup over 60 .

Discoloration around the eyes is one of the most visible signs of aging. However, using a concealer with a thick consistency may set in fine creases and age you (never a good thing)!

I used a peachy MAC concealer to neutralize Janice’s discoloration around her eyes, as well as to mask redness around her nose and across her eyelid. This does a fantastic job of lighting up the entire region and making her appear more alive and fresh. Concealer sits better on nourished and moisturized skin, which is why I made sure to apply vitamin C to her eye region.

Heavy Eyeliner, Diffuse

If you use black liquid liner around your eyes over the age of 60, you will appear like an overdone streetwalker or a breathtakingly elegant movie actress, with little wiggle space in between (always hard). Unless you want to seem like a streetwalker, you’ll need to master a few diffusion methods.

In Janice’s example, I used a small brush to apply a charcoal eyeshadow down her lash line first, followed by the liquid (or gel in this case) liner. This softens the liner’s edges and gives the region a smoky appearance. You may alternatively do the liner first, followed by the shadow, which works great with less color density.

Enhance the Eye Area for Minimal makeup over 60 years women

To create contrast with a strong liner on the top lashes, add a highlighter beneath the eyes and on the brow bones. Use a highlighter that is one to two shades lighter than your skin tone, but no lighter. If the difference between your skin tone is too great, you will appear strange. I’m not a fan of unusual (which is usually a good perspective to have if you’re a cosmetic artist), so make sure you’re using the proper hue.

Another great way to brighten the eye region is to apply artificial lashes or individual lashes to the outer border of each eye. On Janice, I applied three separate lashes on each eye.

Add a splash of color

Janice’s inner faery adored the makeup palette’s diverse color spectrum! I chose a bold blue and applied it beneath her lower lash line for a beautiful pop of color. Make careful to mix it and work with it so that it does not overpower your face. In this example, it gave a whimsical element that complemented Janice’s personality.

Glamorous makeup does not have to be heavy, overdone, or out of date. It may be attractive and youthful, bringing out your finest and most youthful features! And, if you’re a faery that strews glitter everywhere, consider adding a splash of color and some silver glitter to assist you along. Are you willing to give it a shot?

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